Profound Mind

The Programme.

What is included

6 Weeks Mentorship Course

This programme will be held in a group setting with the continuity of 6 modules. Each module will cover a specific theme and it will include group discussions, lectures, exercises and meditation sessions.

6 sessions
1,5 hour / weekly session

2 Day Thematic Workshops

These workshops will be tailored to a specific topic and will aim to help the group achieve a certain outcome, such as preventing energy burnout, facing your fears, building confidence and many more.

2 Day workshop
+1 follow-up call

One-to-One Coaching Sessions

Sessions specifically tailored to your own needs. The first consultation will identify the purpose of the sessions, the goals/end results expected by the client and the issues that the client will want to work on.

6 hourly sessions
+ 1 emergency call
£850 for 6

Guided Meditation & Self Love

Meditation sessions for self-awareness practice, inner peace and spiritual self love. These sessions aim to help you build a mindful and resilient nature, to build confidence and empower your inner world.

1 x 45 min session / £60

6 x 45 min sessions / £350

Profound Mind Programme FAQs

Who is this programme for?

The Profound Mind Programme is for ambitious and aspirational women who want to achieve their goals, change the things that are not working in their lives and become confident, self-aware and emotionally strong individuals with a voice.

What will I learn in this programme?

In this programme, first and foremost, you will learn who you are and what you are capable of. By tapping into your inner self, you can discover your strengths and change the negative narratives in your mind.

Why should I choose this programme with so many coaching and mentorship programmes out there?

I can’t speak for all the programmes out there however, this one is special because I teach from my own experience. By discovering and learning who I am, I was able to change my life and build it the way I wanted. I offer you my real-life based skills which I customise specifically to your needs. My programme really works, I invite you to check the testimonials of my previous students; they speak for themselves.

Why do you do what you do?

I became a coach and mentor because wherever I travelled or lived, I met extraordinary women who have mountains to offer to the world but are blocked by social conditioning and they have lost touch with their true selves. I have been supporting and mentoring strong women for years, helping them to overcome their fears and self-inflicted limitations, in order to achieve any goals and live by their own rules. I am passionate about empowering women and helping them see the huge potential in themselves.

I’m not ready to commit to this programme, I want to research the market.

And I welcome that! The most important thing is that you do that research and eventually choose to invest in yourself emotionally, physically, and intellectually. This part is entirely up to you and no course will be able to take this important step for you.

I think I know myself pretty well, what more could I learn with this programme?

If you know yourself well, then I applaud you however, in my experience, the mind is always either growing or wanting to grow, you will be surprised to encounter some new things about yourself and your environment.

I can’t afford the tuition fees, but I really want to enrol.

There is some level of flexibility in paying the fees in instalments. For more details, please contact me through my contact page.

How do I transfer the payment?

The payments are mainly processed by PayPal, but if you can’t access PayPal, please contact me and I will send you my bank transfer details as an alternative payment method.

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