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My Story & What I Offer 

I come from a traditional society where thinking big and wanting to be ambitious is discouraged for women. Since young age I have struggled to accept that girls and women are not encouraged and empowered to embrace their full potential. They can study, learn and pursue a career path within their school and university years, but actively discouraged to dream big and think that they can be strong, empowered and financially independent. When I was growing up, this was the hardest part to cope with, because I always had a very imaginative and creative mind, I have always dreamed to become someone important, wanted to accumulate MY OWN financial capital, wanted to have MY OWN successful career, and wanted to live BY MY OWN RULES.

I’ve been lucky to be well read, which hugely impacted on my analytical thinking, which in turn helped me to make solid decisions to move forward with my plans without the pressure of outside factors.

During my life journey, I have also had the greatest privilege of meeting amazing people, with great talent, experience, skills, but most importantly, with kind and generous hearts who supported my journey, encouraged and mentored me through difficult periods of acquiring skills and experiences.

Profound Mind

The Profound Mind Programme is designed for aspirational and ambitious women of all ages around the world. This idea came to me  as a result of years of experience in helping and supporting people who were dealing with traumatic experiences (breakups, abusive or loveless relationships), people who were struggling with decision making, low self-esteem, confidence issues, dealing with career changes, work place issues, delivering presentations, negotiation skills, self-worth, anxiety burn out and so on.

Each and every individual sets specific goals and ambitions to aspire for in life, but not many of them know how to pursue them, where to start, and how to build the necessary skill set to achieve them. This is where I come in and help you with my programme.

Why Work with Me


My experience in coaching women to be more confident, to take risks, to discover and embrace their inner strength, comes from my lifetime exposure to constant changes. I left my birth country to start a whole new life from scratch when I was only a young girl, and by relying on my instincts, inner strength and resilience, I’ve lived successfully in more than 10 countries and I have built the life I always wanted to have. What I discovered is how amazing and strong women are all around the world. And how we all have similar issues and social conditioning, no matter which part of the world we grew up in.


I don’t take information at face value, that’s simply who I am. Things need to make sense logically and even scientifically, for me to embody any knowledge into my life. If someone tells me meditation is good for me, I want to know why and how it works. I look at all the details, like which exact part of my body or brain reacts to it, that makes it so beneficial for me. So rest assured that all information I provide you with, and that I apply in my sessions, I have checked it many times over, in terms of logical and scientific basis, before I talk about or suggest them to you.


This business is the centre of my heart, I chose to mentor women because first of all, I’m a feminist and I’m convinced that women have so much more potential to tap into, than being bound by social rules. I will always be against any social rules which dictate women how to manage their bodies, minds and lives. I will support any woman who wants to bring changes and stand up for themselves no matter how big or small their obstacles are. I check up on my clients, follow up on the skills they have learned after our work together and I am happy to give some extra boost of encouragement in their quest.


This is what previous students of the Profound Mind Programme say about their experience working with me towards achieving their goals.

The Profound Mind Programme helped me with giving me space to consider how I behave, react, respond and helpful tools going forward/different viewpoints and ways to consider things from a different/renewed perspective. I adore Iroda’s meditations and pranayama; they were my favourite part and I really felt the benefit of them. I use them in my everyday life for recognising the benefits of taking time to pause, the power of investing on other women’s intellectual prosperity.

Catherine, UK


I wanted to work on Self-confidence, Professional self-doubt, Motivation, Procrastination and Blocks, coping with failures. Iroda’s Profound Mind Programme motivated me to be more aware of my thoughts and feelings, think more positive and be a bit more proactive. Also, it silenced some anxieties about the future (at least for now). I found the modules on Perception and Resilience most helpful for me. I have just been reflecting on what we discussed and have become more aware and more proactive. Perhaps the techniques would evolve from here, with time.

Irina, Germany

Events Manager

I joined the course with the aim of working on issues related to self-doubt, finding my voice, and learning to speak up. I knew that all this requires a lot of searching within and believing in myself. I was also keen on seeing what Iroda will offer in this course, being a voice of women empowerment. First, I wanted to learn how to set boundaries and when to say no, all for my own well-being. I was at a point in life where I was always doing things for other people and forgot myself in the process.

When I think of the Profound Mind Programme, the first word that always pops to my mind is SELF AWARENESS. With everything going around me in life, I lost touch with myself and this course really helped me do a lot of soul searching and being aware of who I am and what I deserve. I also learnt a lot from other women with me in the programme. Each had her own story to tell and that to me was an experience on its own. The Module which spoke about perception vs. perspective was an interesting one. Module 2 was also a very helpful one for me. Here is when we spoke about self-awareness and self-love and this is the Module where I had my ‘Aha’ moment.

I put myself first now. My eagerness to help others has not changed, but I am learning not to do it at my own emotional and mental expense. This is a journey, and a learning experience all along the way. After doing a lot of soul searching, I am able to spot the red flags now and practice techniques learnt to help me overcome certain situations. Most importantly, I was introduced to the breathing exercises which took place at the beginning of each Module. I use those to start my day 😊

Dima, UAE

Humanitarian Worker

Even though Iroda and I have known each other for decades, and have strong friendship bonds, we were able to maintain an objective view of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, I knew that by joining her Profound Mind Programme I would benefit from her teachings. Iroda has a knowledgeable, curious mind and always will tell you the truth. I came to this course seeking tools, techniques and knowledge to manage specific needs – which is clarity on setting my boundaries. During our meetings we worked in teams, 6 strong women from different backgrounds, from different parts of the world, in very different but similar journeys. I wouldn’t say that the program has solved my issues, but it has helped me to open up and share my vulnerability, listen to other women’s stories, to reflect and be mindful, and that it is okay to have issues. This is life. Each module has its purpose however, my favourite parts were Ego and Fear. We went through the science of how the human brain works and psychology of mind and self. Iroda, in my objective opinion, has a high performer mindset. She takes preparation very seriously and delivers high quality content.

Gulshan, Denmark

Social Entrepreneur

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