To Profound Mind.

I am Iroda, the creator of the Profound Mind Programme. I help you build confidence, self-esteem and a better connection to your inner mind and soul.

How I can help

I offer virtual group and one-to-one sessions to help you explore your inner world and unlock your strength, so that you embrace your full potential for a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Profound Mind | 6 Weeks Mentorship Course

This programme will be held in a group setting with the continuity of 6 modules. Each module will cover a specific theme and will include group discussions, lectures, exercises and meditation.

Profound Mind | 2 Day Thematic Workshops

These workshops will be tailored to a specific topic and will aim to help the group achieve a certain outcome, such as preventing energy burnout, facing your fears, building confidence and more.

Profound Mind | One-to-One Coaching

Sessions specifically tailored to your needs. The first consultation will identify the purpose of the sessions, the goals/end results expected by the client and the issues the client will want to work on.

Profound Mind | Guided Meditation & Self Love

Meditation for self-awareness practice, inner peace and spiritual self love. These sessions aim to help you build a mindful and resilient nature, to build confidence and empower your inner world.


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How to Move on From Painful Emotions with Compassion

Is it possible to move on from painful emotions accumulated from bad experiences in life? Very much so. Our experiences of life, it’s ups and downs shape us as a person in a certain way. From the day you were born, your mind is learning the world surrounding you for...

Overcome Your Lack of Self-confidence and Feel Strong Immediately

Let's talk about common misconceptions of self-confidence and learn what it is and is it possible to attain it at all. So, I got a text recently from a dear friend who sent me a screenshot of an email she recently received from a recruiter inviting her for an...

How to Become a Positive Thinker

We are all way too familiar with the term positivity and positive thinking. One can’t even see three pictures even on social media before bumping into dozens of positivity posts. It has become one of the trendy buzz words, hashtag, and a popular escape thing to say to...

Unhappy with your job? It is time for a career change!

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life than going through the same motions of uninspiring job day in, day out? I certainly have. In fact, every time I feel demotivated or frustrated with my job, I have the habit of checking the employment market to see if...


I recently had a knee surgery to remove torn meniscus. About four months ago I snapped it and had a 3rd degree tear, it was painful every day for all of the four months. I kept delaying seeing a doctor hoping it would get better by itself. So much so that I even got...

We are What We Choose

My mother recently had a major surgery to remove a gigantic tumour from her abdomen. It was quite a traumatic thing to go through for us, her children. It turns out that nothing else is scarier in your entire mother daughter relationship than not knowing whether your...

Voices Till Dawn

Finding voice…It’s a funny phrase; find your voice… most of us are born with our vocal cords intact as infants, and even when we don’t know how to speak yet, we make ourselves heard with our voice… Of course, then the adult life has a totally different meaning to...

Five Ways to Boost Your Motivation

The summer is already over, the very scorching hot summer that we had! Can you believe it? It was just like yesterday that we all vowed to make changes to our lives, learn new habits, and unlearn the bad old ones! Make a big list of New Year resolutions, write up the...

Faded Shadows

The first thing I remember about my father is his loud and infectious laugh, I remember how he would burst out with his loud voice in almost incontrollable laughter which would fill in the space. I remember how it was terrifying when he wasn’t feeling humorous… I...

Understanding Fear

Today I wanted to talk about confidence and how to overcome our fears and doubts. Success is all about confidence, “It is easy to say, because you are confident” I hear a lot. The answer is I’m not, I’m like everyone else with doubts, questions, insecurities, and...

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